The Life of KeV

Frontin’ - Pharrell ft Snoop Dogg

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. Therefore it’s fitting that it closes out my “Soundtrack to my Summer” series.  That’s right kids, I’m out of songs … for now, lol.

Molliwopped - Earl Sweatshirt

This kid can rap. Point. Blank. Period. Earl’s flow is ridiculous; word play beyond his years.  And I haven’t heard a single track that he hasn’t snapped on.  I’m def apart of the FREE EARL movement (but not the whole f Earl’s mom business).

Sleep - Homebase NYC ft. Coco O

This is probably my favorite new song off of the Summer Camp Mix.  Its just so … good.  Like straight up, its a great song, everyone should hear it.

Why You Wanna - TI

I don’t even know if this song came out in the summer, but it definitely works as a summer song.

Mardi Gras / Party - Drake / Beyonce ft. Andre 3K and Kanye West

Ok, this is a strange one so a little exposition is in order:

I was introduced to this song as “Mardi Gras” by Drake, but clearly Drake is not on this song at all … and neither is any mention of the words “Mardi” or “Gras.”  So fast forward to now and the song is definitely on Beyonce’s “4” album under the name “Party ft. Andre 3000 and Kanye West.”  So I have no idea what happened with this or how Drake is involved, but maybe they’ll get him on the remix, lol. 

Anyway, this song is great.  It’s really entertaining to listen to.  It reminds me of those early 90s “I’ve been waiting to do it with you for a VERY long time and it’s finally about to happen ALL NIGHT LONG” songs, lol.  But yeah, this song is amazing and how could it not be? It’s BEYONCE, KANYE, and ANDRE (I wonder if they planned the whole “ay sound” at the end of all their names, lol)

Yeah you - N.E.R.D.

This is a really good song that grew on me over time.  I never listened to it as much as I do right now tho.  Stellar production.

Weekend - Smith Westerns

I really enjoy this song, and the video is strangely fitting.  I guess I can identify with it because I do a lot of aimless weekend wandering these days, lol

Ready, Able - Grizzly Bear

The song is pretty trippy, but then I watched the video and learned the definition of trippy. Like seriously, its almost disturbing.

6/26 - Sushi Sunday - Sushi Sakura

Well it’s that time again folks. SUSHI SUNDAY!!!!!  This Sunday I visited a delightful sushi-go-round in downtown Portland called Sushi Sakura.  It had a really nice atmosphere and the servers were very welcoming and nice.  I got a bit more adventurous this outing and tried a couple raw dishes and they were all good!! So that’s good! The End.

Slow Country - Gorillaz

This song IS summer.  I’m ashamed it was already in my library and I never listened to it.  The beat makes me think of a real chill day at the beach.  I also like how the way 2-D sings is Bob Marley-esque.